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Mobile Office Screens


Need privacy and space? We have just the solution for you. Our mobile office screen can be moved and positioned to suit you. It provides privacy while also offering a pinnable surface for notices and ideas.

Our mobile office screens combine an aluminium framed, double sided hessian Pinboard with a NZ made mobile stand. The Pinboard slides into guides in the stand which is  fitted with lockable wheels so it won't shift once you have positioned it. The bottom of the board stands approximately 100mm off the ground.  
The hessian we use is hard-wearing and has a strong visual impact and style. The range of colours lends itself to modern noticeboard design applications. 

The Hessian is securely bonded to both sides of 12mm thick softboard  and then trapped beneath the frame of the board for a smart-looking, professionally finished product.

The board is protected from damage to the edges by a sturdy, lightweight aluminium frame. 

Our mobile office screens are strong and stable and have 4 lockable castors which make it easy to move and can be locked to hold it in place. If you have multiple screens they will nest together for compact storage.

Any aspect of the board can be customised to suit your needs.


Durable, long-lasting double sided hessian pinboard
  • A sturdy aluminium frame protects the board from damage to the edges
  • Excellent pinning surface - great for pins and staples
  • The hessian is a natural fibre that has a textured, open weave
    • 6 colours to choose from
    • On the darker colours, the creamy coloured softboard backing sheet may be visible through the weave
  • The hessian is bonded to 12mm thick softboard (compressed wood fibre)

Strong NZ Made Mobile Stand
  • Welded leg, bolted crossbars - suitable for high use areas
  • Stand legs have brackets fitted
    • The board slides down into the brackets and
    • The board sits on crossbar
  • Lockable wheels 50mm (75mm for 2400) for easy maneuverability
  •  Assembled in our NZ factory from imported and local materials
  • The office screens will nest together for compact storage.
  • Great value for money

This product is made-to-order with a 7-10 day lead time.

Available sizes:
  • 950W x 1300H [overall size] | pinboard size: 900W x 1200H
  • 950W x 1600H [overall size] | pinboard size: 900W x 1500H
  • 950W x 1900H [overall size] | pinboard size: 900W x 1800H
  • 1250W x 1000H [overall size] | pinboard size: 1200W x 900H
  • 1250W x 1300H [overall size] | pinboard size: 1200W x 1200H
  • 1250W x 1600H [overall size] | pinboard size: 1200W x 1500H
  • 1250W x 1900H [overall size] | pinboard size: 1200W x 1800H
  • 1250W x 2500H [overall size] | pinboard size: 1200W x 2400H

We can supply this product in all standard sizes. Because we are a manufacturer, we also offer bespoke, made-to-measure sizes.

So if you have limited wall space or need to fit a board between wall obstructions, need cut-outs for switches, why not get it cut to size! Contact us for a FREE quote.


Our hessian mobile office screens are available in a great range of Colours

We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colours and images of our products, but visual distortion is possible through differing computer/phone displays.

Not what you were after? Check out our entire mobile office screen range here.


Did you know that it's always worth having a look at our Specials?
We update our specials weekly and they can be anything from colourful pinboards to whiteboards - seconds with some fabric faults, customer returns, clearance items that we won't produce anymore or simply odd sizes or fabric leftovers.
Check them out - maybe you are lucky and can grab a bargain!

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