About Us

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At Noticeboard Products our focus is on our customers and their needs.
Our mission is to inspire people to communicate.

We do this by providing communication solutions to our clients, advice on selecting the right product, expertise in the manufacture, installation and use of the product and inspiration to find new ways to communicate effectively and creatively.

Our business dates back to 1991 and has been the foremost New Zealand manufacturer of quality whiteboards, corkboards and noticeboards ever since. We are very proud of the work we do and the reputation for quality which we have established over the years.
We are proud members of Buy NZ Made.

Although some of our products and materials are imported, we have a full workshop where we make a very wide range of quality products. What sets us apart is our ability to make customised products: boards that will fit your space and your style. For this reason, we are the preferred supplier to schools and commercial customers where only high-quality, specifically designed products are required.

Chris and Angie Wallace, our directors, embody our guiding values:

We will always aim for clear and honest communication with our clients and among ourselves.

We believe that the foundation for good business is respect for our clients and each other.

We pursue the best quality relentlessly, because we understand that our reputation is only as good as the last product we made.

Our business depends entirely on our customers and so our focus is entirely on understanding them and satisfying their needs. We maintain and nurture a range of customer channels and encourage continual, quality engagement. 

We balance honest effort and generous reward.