Acoustic Technical Documents


Vertiface® is a durable, decorative wallcovering made from 100% polyester fibre.

Available in a diverse colour palette, Vertiface® offers design freedom with a side of functional sensibility. Vertiface® can be used as a furnishing fabric, wallcovering, and acoustic panel overlay; with a soft velour finish on one side, and sleek flat pile on the other, it’s perfect for a variety of interior applications.

Vertiface® is hook-and-loop receptive and pinnable with a self-healing surface, ideal as a laminate for acoustic pinboards.


Composition® is the workhorse of acoustic wallcoverings.

As a durable, high-performance alternative to paint and wallpaper, Composition® maintains a rich, solid colour and soft, velvety finish regardless of what life throws its way. The hook-and-loop receptive pile and pinnable self-healing surface lends itself to creative and education focused spaces - a blank canvas for budding ideas and visual expression.

Made from 100% polyester fibre, Composition® is available in a broad spectrum of colours to fit your design aesthetic.


Cube acoustic panels reject the restraints of traditional acoustic panels, offering versatility and creative freedom in place of dull conventionality. A blank canvas for customisation, Cube panels can be cut, moulded, printed, pressed, and grooved to create high-performance acoustic features for any interior space.

Made from 100% polyester fibre, Cube realises innovative design concepts without pomp or circumstance.